Mar 9th, 2011

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Posted By Andrew

Leaf of the Day, No. 87, Bently Holdings

The name, Bently, finds its hands in a variety of endeavors. One of those happens to be property holdings, hence today’s leaf logo, Bently Holdings. The company has property internationally and stateside, but is based out of San Fransisco, CA. Having just been to San Fransisco, we certainly share Bently’s enthusiasm for the architecture in the “City by the Bay” and surrounding areas. Bently also deserves some credit for there efforts to make their properties and corporate culture more eco-friendly. Some highlights: sustainable office/cleaning supplies, better inks and paints, improved HVAC, reclaimed building materials that would otherwise go to landfills, mandated LEED Certification for all new build-outs, offsetting building energy consumption with solar energy, and my favorite, a fleet of corporate vehicles running on B100 Biodiesel. Combine those things with a website that is refreshingly sleek and easy to use and I’d say they are worthy of a pat on the back.

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