Stop Marketing. Start Programming.

The last thing you need right now is another “full-service” marketing agency. In fact, we think you should take it a step further: stop thinking in terms of advertising and marketing in the first place. We know, that’s going to make your boss’s head explode. Hopefully it will produce heat and light.

Astronaut’s crew is charting a different course for innovators. Some call it “direct-to-consumer.” Others refer to it as “inbound marketing.” We’d like to offer a new star to steer by:

Disruptive engagement.

Although our team members bring decades of achievement at large advertising, design, and digital agencies — building brands and campaigns that have driven growth and stood the test of time — we see both new demands and opportunities in the mediascape. That means putting the idea of “marketing” behind us and treating brands and products in terms of content and programming. To that end, Astronaut brings a combination of the best of the new school with timeless principles of the communication arts to innovate new ways to connect with your audience to grow.

Our promise is simple: we give you the vehicle, the equipment, the map, and the crew to depart this world for a new one.

The New Powertrain for Your Brand

In the chaos of the always-on marketplace, stories endure. Humans are built for them. We arrive on this planet with instincts that drive us to create and devour strong narratives: curiosity, imagination, empathy, desire, community.

We can work with that.

Astronaut helps you tap those drives to build worlds your customers love and actions that keep you growing. After all, the promise of an iconic brand is the same as a well-told story:
engagement and transformation.

Drivers. Riders. Dreamers. Buyers.

Let’s Get to Work.

If you’re ready to light a torch, we have rockets.