Move the World


The always-on torrent of new media doesn’t often lead to the familiar. But it will bring you back to human beings every time.

Now, more than ever, if you want to earn relationships and transactions, you need to focus on the stories that animate the lives of the people with whom you do business. And aren’t they what’s really interesting?

Have Space Suit — Will Travel

That’s why humans are the core of our little cosmos — an organizing principle expressed in a simple mission:

Move the World.

Inspire. Upend the status quo. Get from A to B.

Our primary vehicle for this mission is storytelling. It’s an advertising fad that started some 10,000 years ago. And its principles are timeless. So no one should be surprised that, within the noise of the online marketplace, a lot of folks have rediscovered the concept of story. It’s the only thing that really ever cuts through and endures.

Why does this matter to your business? Because story is the definition of engagement.

With decades of strategy, advertising, and storytelling under our belt, Astronaut’s crew is adept at building the narratives of your business to fit the stories of your customers’ lives.

We bring a wealth of experience creating worlds for Fortune 100 tech and consumer giants; for scrappy start-ups and non-profits out to change the world, and for mom-and-pops looking out for their families. Since we launched in 2007, we’ve managed to create brands that have helped remake at least two industry categories.*

That’s led to a unique expertise at the intersection of tech, renewable energy, agriculture, and transportation. It may sound weird, but these forces are shaping your future right now.


Ask us about our collaborations with people out to change the world at places like DuPont, Avangrid Renewables, Weyerhaeuser, Chevron, the NRDC, Nature Conservancy, American Coalition for Ethanol, the BMW Group, PrairieGold Solar, Raven Industries and more.

Whether you’re a start-up or a division of a major corporation, if you innovate products, systems, or policy to help marry economic growth and sustainability, we can help you kick it in to warp drive.


*Contact us and we’ll tell you who they are.