About Astronaut

Ad Astra Per Aspera

“To the stars, through difficulties.” That’s the story of your life. It’s also our motto.

Like you, we aim high.

Astronaut is a brand studio. We develop brand strategies and execute them with integrated media to help our clients connect with human beings and grow.

We bring a specialized focus on companies in mobility and energy — automotive, motorcycles, power sports, robotics, autonomy, ag tech, urban tech, and trucking; along with innovators in renewables like clean fuels, wind, solar, and more. Our advantage goes beyond our understanding of the marketplace to an understanding of how to move the human beings you need to reach within it.

Mobility and energy
are inseparable:
the future of one is
the future of the other.

That’s why we focus on both. Our intent is to work within each to drive innovation, evolution, and growth. (Learn more about our achievements in sustainability here.)

Astronaut launched in 2007 and serves a global clientele in a studio model with a strong core team and a vibrant network of top creative, content, and production specialists from around the U.S.

Our crew members have served respected mobility brands like BMW Group, Honda, Ford, Indian Motorcycle, and Rivian; technology brands like Intel, HP, Oracle, Cisco, and Phillips; consumer brands like Nike, Target, Gap, and United HealthCare; and renewable brands like DuPont, Poet, Avangrid, and the American Coalition for Ethanol.

Although our crew has logged thousands of hours creating breakthrough identities, advertising, and campaigns for Fortune 500 consumer and tech companies — along with start-ups and non-profits out to change the world — we’re here to deliver on this new truth of the marketplace:

The agency you want now doesn’t look like any you’ve worked with in the past.

That’s why our model delivers the efficiency and effectiveness you need to master the new digital marketplace to drive motivated preference and action: through disruptive engagement.

Our work has materially changed two entire industry categories and driven billions in return for our clients, their customers, their communities, and the planet (ask us which here).

Just buckle up because we’re going places and things move fast around here. You can’t always know what lies over the horizon. It’s true: a rough road leads to the stars.

We’ll get you through the asteroids.

Let’s Get to Work.

If you’re ready to light a torch, we have rockets.