Content + Story

The New Powertrain for Your Brand

In the chaos of the always-on marketplace, stories endure. Humans are built for them. We land on this planet with instincts that drive a constant search for story: curiosity and imagination, empathy and desire. 

That’s something we can work with.

Astronaut helps you tap those instincts to build worlds that your customers love. After all, the promise of an iconic brand is the same as a well-told story: engagement and transformation.

The paradigm of story puts your customer at the center of every touch point you deliver — not the other way around. Astronaut focuses on the overall brand experience that comes with each chapter, each sequence in your customer’s journey. We build and maintain a world they actually choose to inhabit.

To this end, we invite you to stop acting like a marketer and start behaving like a publisher — a programming channel delivering regular content that customers want in order to achieve a simple goal: disruption, engagement, conversion.

Astronaut’s approach is to craft stories of all sizes that support really big brands. Here are a few that drove engagement and growth.