Let’s Treat This Planet Like It’s the
Only One We’ve Got

Astronaut is in the business of transformation. And we’ve got our sites set on the whole landscape — through the heights of the atmosphere and the depths of the oceans. The object is to materially upgrade our clients’ businesses, our communities, entire industries, and yes, the planet we share.

Since we launched in 2007 with an emphatic focus on renewable energy and sustainability, Astronaut has served global leaders in biofuels, wind energy, and solar, along with companies in adjacent industries like automotive, precision agriculture, urban tech, and biotech

These relationships have led to collaborations with energy innovators and environmental leaders like NRDC, Environmental Defense Fund, DuPont, Chevron, Duke Energy, National Wildlife Federation, Weyerhaeuser, Ceres, and more. And it’s given us a new appreciation for what it means to work within existing industries like transportation, energy, ag, and tech to catalyze sustainable business.

Our original mission statement was to “Make sustainability mainstream through the power of world class brands.” Sixteen years later, it appears we’ve helped accomplish that goal.

Today we’ve broadened our focus to deliberately include mobility and transportation across the spectrum, from consumer automotive to power sports and trucking. Our new mission?

Move the World.

We still believe it’s essential to harness the power of the marketplace to protect the planet and build the industries of the new economy. And when it comes to sustainability, the way we see it is simple:

When the people
you want at the
table accept your
be sure to offer
them a chair.

Let’s Get to Work.

If you’re ready to light a torch, we have rockets.