American Coalition for Ethanol


The American Coalition for Ethanol is one of Astronaut’s most enduring relationships. As an association of ordinary people — the “grassroots of ethanol,” including individuals, families, communities, and businesses that own and operate around 85 percent of ethanol plants in the United States — ACE has a special claim to the human story of renewable fuel. 

For ACE, that’s a profile in courage: unlike other alternatives to fossil fuels, the ethanol industry was developed and built by regular folks from small communities, rural Americans fighting to escape frightening economic conditions at the turn of the century. Without any template or precedent to guide them — and long before mainstream enthusiasm for renewable energy — a lot of brave people came together and committed their own money and time to rescue their communities by building biorefineries and creating a new category in renewables.

That’s where we found the strategy to set ACE apart: “Power by People.”

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