The Yonder Boys

What happens when you give a couple of ad guys microphones and free reign to praise, pan, or prod transportation and energy leaders over the future of mobility? A joyride through the tony enclaves and wooly hinterlands of the automotive world — and all its alternatives.

It’s called “Yonder Boys,” and it features Astronaut founder and Executive Creative Director Greg Veerman with long-time collaborator and partner Geoffrey Abraham, founder and Creative Director of Self Brand Studio in Portland, Oregon.

The premise of the show is simple:

How the power of persuasion
shifts the ways
we get
from A to B.

The Yonder Boys take a deep dive into the media maneuvers shaping the conversation on new mobility — it’s a creative director’s critique of cars, trucks, scooters, electric, autonomous, shared transport, and micro-mobility, smoothers with a heavy dose of tech, fuels, and urban design.

As veteran ad-men focused on the space for a large part of their careers, Geoffrey and Greg don’t hold back on what’s working and what’s not. To the extent that success in this revolution depends on manufacturers’ ability to inspire, the Yonder Boys add a creative director’s take to help them stay on the fast track.

The Yoder Boys throw an often searing light on the marketing of clean dreams, always with the help of expert guests from a tech, policy, or marketing perspective to share. Expect laughter, tears, howling at the moon, raging against the machine, and material advice for innovators who need to write love notes to the marketplace.

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